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Features and Benefits

Our tax extension form filing system is completely computerized and links directly to IRS for instant online filing.

  • Available 24/7
  • Files instantly online with IRS
  • Automatically approved by IRS
  • Copy emails to you immediately
  • New filing due date becomes Oct 15
  • Secure and hacker-safe website
  • Contact info separately emailed

You should keep your emailed tax extension form for your records.


Tax Extension Income Tax Extension Tax Extension

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Q: What is my tax return due date?
A: The original due of your Individual Income Tax Return is always April 15. However, IRS has changed the due date to April 18 this year.

Q: What is my due date if I file an extension?
A: All Individual Income Returns with a properly filed tax extension are due October 15.

Q: What if I just don't file an extension?
A: You could be charged Late Filing penalties. The IRS computer system is programmed to look for properly filed income tax extensions that are in your computer file; if you file your income tax return late and you have a balance due, the computer will automatically compute a late filing penalty.

Q: What if IRS rejects the tax extension you file for me?
A: All extensions are automatically accepted by IRS and will not be rejected. If there is any trouble with your extension, all you have to do is contact us and we will contact IRS and notify them that the trouble was on our side and then they will accept the income tax extension as properly filed.

Q: How can you be so sure about that?
A: Because IRS calls the form an "
Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return". Notice the word "automatic." Once IRS receives it (as long as they receive it before the original due date) it will be automatically accepted.

Q: How long does it take to fill out the form?
A: About a minute or less for the actual income tax extension and about two to three minutes for the payment information. Five minutes tops.

Q: What kind of personal information is required?
A: Your name(s) and address and Social Security Number(s). That's all.

Q: Is any other information required?
A: Just an estimate of what you think your tax might be plus what you have already paid in plus what you want to pay now, if anything.

Q: Does your site protect my information?
A: Yes. Our site is secure. Our address begins with "https://" and the "s" means "secure."

Q: How do I know my extension is actually filed with IRS?
A: Our system is programmed to email you a copy of your extension form only after your extension has been filed with IRS electronically. Once you receive your emailed copy of your income tax extension, you will know that it has been filed with IRS.

Q: How fast do you file my extension with IRS?
A: It is filed instantly after you hit the "submit" button.

Q: Who else see my personal information?
A: No one. We obey IRS privacy laws.


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